Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thing 4


Last year I created an account but did not do much. Now I have just updated my profile by adding a picture and I have subscribed to some lists. I can see why some people are very much into twitting since it is a way of getting in touch but at the same time I think that it can be a great waste of time. Why follow other people's conversations about everything they do during the day?

What I really like though is receiving regular twits from The New Yorker magazine; the cartoons are great!


This is a useful way of following sites and blogs in one place instead of hunting around. I have some RSS in my IGoogle page.


I had never heard of this before so I am glad that I know that it exists and how it works. At the moment though I cannot see what to do with it and  I am not interested in putting together  a story made up of comments about life and universe.

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